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Street Smart

by Treco

Published 1991

Street Smart (ストリートスマート?) is a 1989 beat 'em up arcade game developed and published by SNK. The game's objective is to win money, girls and glory on the streets. It is notorious for its level of difficulty requiring a great deal of brawling before the player's opponents go down. It is also notable by North Americans for being one of the earliest arcade games to show the anti-drug slogan, "Winners Don't Use Drugs".

The gameplay resembles some beat 'em ups that predate it like Technōs Japan's 1986 Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun and 1987 Double Dragon arcade games, where the player can move in all eight directions in an arena fight and the player can kick, punch or do special moves. Unlike most beat 'em ups however, the players fight in an enclosed arena space, which makes it also resemble Taito's 1985 Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal. The player can choose to fight either as "Karate-Man", a martial arts expert with lightning quick moves, or "Wrestler" (sometimes known as "Crusher"[citation needed]) with a powerful punch. Street Smart contributes to the genre by adding co-operative multiplayer for team battles against boss characters; however, the players will always have a "Grudge Match" in the next round to determine who gets a bonus life/points, but the two players can play through the entire game together. It also contributes to the genre by adding a simple combo system that is the first of its kind, which players can make normal moves become part of a string of combos, much like in some beat 'em ups that predate it.

This arcade game was ported to the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1991. The port was developed by Treco and published by Sega, which uses fewer colors and uses the top and bottom black frames to compensate for the large sprites animating on screen. However, the game implements a betting system where players can win money for winning a fight or throwing one (Similar to the later PSP game The Con) as well as a new last boss. The Genesis/Mega Drive port also lacks the two players vs. the CPU mode (two players only fought onscreen in the "Grudge Match" after each taking turns against a CPU opponent). This was done due to memory limitations of the cartridge at the time. In the Genesis/Mega Drive port, "Karate Man" wears a red outfit instead of white. Both characters are also given a new spinning "power move" that can take an enemy down in one hit (by pressing all three buttons at once) but reduces the player's health.

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